Thérèse Desjardins

Truly calms the itchy scalp psoriasis, but does not seem to have any influence on the cure of this condition.

Ginette Veillette

I have been using the product for several years for my daughter (example). We are very satisfied!

Alex M. Rodrigue

This cream is a revelation, for years I have alternated between solutions that hardly help me, treatments and lifestyle changes, etc. 2020 seems to have made my case worse with all of this excessive hand washing. Discovering this cream and bar soap not only saves my hands, but my practice as an osteopath. Thank you for the quality of your products!

Caroline Tremblay

Wonderful for eczema: Our 2 year old son has eczema, it is the only product tried that gives excellent results. As good as cortisone cream in our case.

Marc Côté

I have the skin on my hands or at least the dermis that is constantly deteriorating unless I use Calendulis cream. I have tried a lot of expensive creams that didn't make any difference, unlike this one, and believe me, it reassures me a lot. Thank you!


This cream makes the skin appear smooth and rejuvenated, soothes chapped skin and (according to my daughter) reduces cellulite in the thighs. For us, it is an essential product! I give it as a gift to my favorite people, even.

Claude Camirand

For rosaceous acne ... Calendulis (cream and soap): very effective!


It is a cream that is easily applied, reduces the feeling of tightness and itching. For the face, I don't find it moisturizing enough.

Ginette Gregoire

Calendulis: It is an important cream to have at all times at home.

Geneviève Frédette

This is the best cream for repairing red patches of eczema and soothing itchiness with nettle tincture. A real winning duo. Thank you very much for your good cream and your very fast service.

Agnes Gaultier Du Perray

Still such an effective formula for a cream that we have used for years to relieve our daughter's eczema.